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The Comedy Club Slumlord.

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

This was some thoughts that I have always kept inside. But, was triggered by the abuse of a comedy comrade.

This is not a rant!

I did choose to become a comic (stand-up comic) and all the things that are par for the course. Like some jobs, our success is (led to believe) dependent on the comedy club manager. We have to first put up with the smug remarks, rude behavior and bad jokes that they make, because we need to be booked in order to perform in front of an audience. Some of those managers are really on a power trip. They know the acts depend on the clubs to be booked. Many comics have plenty stories about whack club managers and comic abuse. I’ll put this out there... the industry isn’t that big, so yeah, you can be black balled next week. They can get a replacement comic without blinking. They can even persuade other comics to keep you off shows. And for the most part... it will be honored because Comics have families to feed. The struggle and footwork you put in to ‘making it’ is better told and appreciated once you ‘make it’. And for a lot... that never happens.

Unless you have a solid fan base that follows you, knows you and trusts your talent. You will have a hard time making it, without having to walk on eggshells around some comedy club managers and bookers. There are plenty of clubs that have really looked out for me. The current manager at the club I came up in, is a good guy. But, there are too many to name that are not.

Not sure how this year will unfold, not feeling too hee-hee-ha to be on stage just yet. But, Recent events just confirmed that some club managers and bookers are the very people we speak against. This is not a rant... just yet. But, to anyone that has to walk on egg shells to get work from a venue that expresses, that you need them... trust me, you can do better.

This is an open post. If you feel like you fit one of the actors described in this post, that is only because you put yourself there.

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